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Where ever and whenever we are, we Premier Excellence!

Electro-Mechanical Works

All types of Electro-Mechanical works- HV substation, HV Transmission Line, MV & LV Distribution Networks, Solar farms, Telecom Infrastructure, Industrial Installations…. etc.

Engineering & Construction

Building Construction, Equipment foundations, Transmission Line foundation, Civil works of Telecom infrastructure, … etc.


Legal representation for foreign manufacturers and contractors

Core Values

We aim to be the domestic leader in the hospitality and service industry by setting standards of excellence.


Highest quality materials & products to surpass customer's expectations


we work together as a team and promote one another


We work in full precision due to our passion


We deliver our promises on time

Why us?

In our commitment to deliver the very best product through efficient processes and appropriate utilization of client resources. Skilled estimating and diligent project management, along with extraordinary execution, allow us to deliver projects on schedule and within budget time and time again, making us a trusted partner in even the most complex and unpredictable construction scenarios.
Prime Engineering
Premiering Excellence!

Hard work and quality are our identity

Premiering Excellence !

achieve your goals

We believe in Innovation as a key enabler to build a more sustainable world for people and clients, enhancing our building practices.

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