Premiering Excellence!

About Us

Prime Engineering PLC has gone a formation stage under investment license, issued in March 2021. After maturing enough in few months, acquired a Building Contractor Grade 4 (BC-4) and Electro-Mechanical Grade 1 (EMSC-1) licenses from Ethiopian Construction Works Regulatory Authority and Ethiopian Energy Authority respectively.

Currently Our main focus areas of activities are the Energy sector and Telecom infrastructure with all the associated civil and electromechanical works. Our energy sector activities ranges not only from MV & LV distribution network construction to HV Substations and Transmission Lines but also Renewable energy sources from the inception to the energization of the projects.

We are determined to maintain the balance between our customers’ satisfaction and the company’s profitability. While doing so, we give the utmost attention to keep our integrity and ensure that ours and the client’s values are exhibited in our works and products.

Premiering Excellence !

Who We Are

We value our clients, which is why we aim to consistently deliver projects on time and to the highest standards. Part of that means looking after our people; our employees are some of the happiest in Ethiopia. We believe that good people lead to good results. Our streamlined management system enables us to finish projects faster and more efficiently.

We take pride in our robust planning infrastructure and project monitoring procedures that ensure we are always on top of things. Our firm is dedicated to a philosophy of continuous improvement. This is why we are in the top ten of all building contractors in the country!

Our Mission

The Top Management of Prime Engineering and its staff are highly committed to meeting the needs and expectations of customers, stakeholders, statutory and regulatory requirements by applying state-of-the-art technology, using highly qualified and motivated man-power and implementing quality management system in its processes.

Prime Engineering is committed to maintaining and consistently improving our quality management system by reviewing customer and stakeholder feedback, conducting internal quality audit results as well as reports on performance of the quality management system.

In its operations, Prime Engineering values timeliness, effectiveness, integrity, competence, learning and growth.


Prime Engineering is fully committed to establish and implement ISO Based Quality and Environmental Management system and  conduct all activities  in conformity with established international standards and legal requirements so as to:

  •  Achieve maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Become the industry leader in delivering quality, timely and cost effective construction service.
  • Ensure continual improvement of the service, the process and the management system.
  •  Create environment friendly working condition by reducing and gradually eliminating activities and wastes having adverse effect on the environment and thus contribute its share in the global effort towards combating environmental degradation.
  • Ensure the safety and security of the Company employees and project neighborhoods by creating a working environment which is free from danger and professional hazards.
  • Ensure that the Quality & Environmental Objectives set by the Company are met.